KT IMPACT is Kilpatrick Townsend’s commitment to active citizenship that encourages and enables all team members to make a meaningful impact on society. Throughout the year, the firm plans and promotes opportunities in each of our six KT IMPACT emphasis areas — community leadership, diversity & inclusion, philanthropy, pro bono, sustainability, and volunteerism. Through our commitment to people, our communities, and the planet, our attorneys and staff further develop skills and relationships that enhance their personal and professional growth.

Impact Areas


Our firm’s partners and associates are active leaders in the community and serve on the board of directors for scores of nonprofit organizations across the country.  We offer annual training to teach effective nonprofit leadership skills and provide all of our interested attorneys with a membership to BoardSource, the leading national provider of resources related to exceptional nonprofit governance standards.


Our strength and ability to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace depends on our capacity to mobilize a diverse workforce.  Through a blend of backgrounds, including diversity of gender, ethnicity, age, and sexual orientation, Kilpatrick Townsend’s attorneys and staff serve clients with a variety of deep experiences and a broad range of perspectives on critical issues, adding value to our interactions and making a difference in all we do.


We annually contribute approximately one percent of our gross profit to the nonprofits with whom we significantly and actively partner.  Our attorneys and staff also personally donate to local fundraisers for a variety of nonprofits throughout the year.  Additionally, we mobilize as a firm to respond to natural disasters when they occur and provide immediate relief to organizations assisting those in need.


Our attorneys are uniquely skilled and as a result have the power to impact lives locally and globally in very meaningful ways.  Since the formalization of our Pro Bono Program in 2001, we have spent more than 372,000 hours representing thousands of individuals and hundreds of community organizations on a pro bono basis, a value of more than $125 million.  We are proud to say some of our most impactful work is not billable.


We fully recognize that a more environmentally sustainable workplace uses less energy, reduces waste and creates a culture where employees know they are making a difference every day.  Our firm’s Sustainability Committee is evaluating constantly how we can achieve these goals, and we are committed to connecting with clients who have similar goals for renewable energy strategies.


Through our award-winning volunteer program, attorneys and staff have the opportunity to participate in more than 100 different volunteer projects organized by our Volunteer Councils across the country.  The firm is committed to improving K-12 education, and we dedicate the majority of our resources to help improve and enrich the educational experience of children.